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Hey Dadboddies and Momboddies! Do you love The DadBodCast? No? That's okay! In this clip, we eliminate all of the bad parts of our dumb show, which leaves us with just about 60 seconds of belching and giggles. Enjoy this disgusting piece of art that I want to be remembered by when I die. - Cam <3


Episode 40: Throwing Temper Tantrums in the Grocery Store

This week on The DadBodCast Chad talks to an undercover cop, Cam eats a lot of brunch, and the boys talk about dates, video games, the elephant in the room: Alcoholism.

Stick around for another round of Band or Porno, listen to the boys being best friends, and hear some fan submitted hate mail where Chad gets CALLED OUT! It's all on the 40th episode of everybody's favorite podcast ;)

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And remember to tune in for a special bonus episode on Wednesday, June 28th, as part of the Podratic Equation Andy Sidaris Podcrawl!


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Episode 39: The Little Spermaid

On this week's episode of The DadBodCast Chad gets into some hot beef, Cam creates the stupidest new segment since "Just the Tip with Terrence", and both of the boys try to step up their dating games.

Come for the Band or Porno segment and stay for some incredibly scathing hate mail in this extra long episode! Send in YOUR hate mail to

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Episode 38: A Bad Case of the Collywobbles

In this week's episode of The DadBodCast Chad gets drunk during Pride Weekend, Cam gets the flu, and the boys hit on each other the whole time and it gets a little weird in spots. It's a good time!

Join the boys for another round of Band or Porno and stay for the reading of FIVE PIECES OF HATE MAIL!!!!! (It's brutal!)

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Episode 37: Airtight Granny

In this week's episode of The DadBodCast things go back to "normal" as the boys take to Urban Dictionary to learn new words, Chad breaks his toe, and Cam gets possessed. The boys play another round of everybody's favorite game, Band or Porno, and read THREE submitted letters of Hate Mail!

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Episode 36: Tribbing With the Boys feat. Chynna Fry

We jumped the shark.

This week's episode was a train wreck for the most part. BUT our good friend Chynna Fry stops in about fifteen minutes in and talks to us about her starring role in a web series called Chynna, California and to play Band or Porno with Chad! Once we hang up the Skype call, more chaos ensues as Chad and Cam sweat together in the same room, Chad plays with his new fidget spinner, and Cam struggles with confidence.


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Episode 35: Exploding Boy

Beastiality, poop, and Chance The Rapper

That's what you can expect to hear about in this HILARIOUS episode of The DadBodCast! Cam returns from vacation to bring you this late episode and wanted to say sorry to all of you faithful listeners. Episode 36 will be uploaded at the regular time: Monday, May 29th.

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Episode 34: Moon Splooge

The boys are drunk this week. Both of the boys. Two Drunk Boys, CBS Thursdays. Cam talks about how he got peed on and how he met Paramore. Chad talks about icy b-holes and tries his best at Band or Porno. The boys read ONE HaTe mAIl THAT'S IT! ONLY ONE???


Send us YOUR hate mail to Please. It's what makes this show decent.


Oh, also, take a shot everytime we say "cum" in this one.




Episode 33: Sad Boy Bad Boy Pee

The DadBodCast is back again with a HILARIOUS EPISODE aaaaallll about: open mouth kissing your dad, yelling at your roommates, Toy Story 2 quotes, and much much more.

The boys play another round of Porno or Band name and read your hate mail submitted to

So sit back, relax, and enjoy episode 33 of The DadBodCast.






Episode 32: Drinking Beers With Jesus

This week on The DadBodCast Chad almost gets kicked out of a bar, Cameron spills an expensive beer, and the boys get roasted like little pigs during the weekly hate mail segment. Also, enjoy another round of Porno or Band Name, a segment that continues to kick Chad's ass.

Send us your unsober thoughts, senior quote rough drafts, graduation cap size, and hate mail to and be a part of next week's show!

As always, thank you for listening #babyboys and #babygirls


Episode 31: Chocolate Starfish

On this week's episode of The DadBodCast Chad talks about his EP and his savage confrontation with PTG, Cam ate way too much food and listened to the High School Musical Soundtrack, the boys play Porno or Band Name and read some very personal hate mail from the OG hate mailers.

Thank you so much for tuning in to our show! If you'd like to have more fun with The DadBodCast throughout the week you can find us over on Twitter: @The_DadBodcast

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Episode 30: Spankenstein

Hey guys! What's up? This week on The DadBodCast Chad sings it out, Cam drinks an entire bottle of wine, the boys read your hate mail and play another round of everyone's favorite trivia game, Porno or Band Name. The boys also discuss dating a lot as both of them opted out of dates over the weekend. 

Send us your favorite pumpkin pie recipes, baby hair, and hate mail to 

As always we love you #babyboys and #babygirls and we hope you enjoy this episode.


Episode 29: AOL Instant Messenger

In this episode of The DadBodCast Chad almost gets groped by Slenderman at 4am, Cameron gets high on NyQuil, and the boys read some hate mail (BLESS UP THANK YOU FINALLY SOME MORE HATE MAIL)

Send us your hate mail/topics/prom pictures to and be a part of the show!


Episode 28 - Part II: She Literally Eats Dicks

In Part Two of Episode 28 of The DadBodCast Chad, Cam, and Jordan play a game called Red Flags, burp some more, get more drunk, and ask the real questions like WHY WASN'T THERE MORE HATE MAIl, HUH???? WE MADE THIS FOR YOU


Send us your hate mail to We love you, we aren't mad, just disappointed and a little mad. But it's okay.

Also, if you liked Red Flags, be sure to let us know! We may play it again sometime. Love youuuuu


Episode 28 - Part I: Only 90’s Kids Have Kinks feat. Jordan Kenyon

This week the boys have a special TWO PART episode with SPECIAL GUEST Jordan Kenyon back from Episode 10! There are lots of burps, giggles, and questionable subjects so let's just dive right in, huh???


Episode 27: Blue Ballin’

Get it? GET IT??

In this week's episode Cam lies about a whole bunch of stuff, Chad gets left hangin' (HA), and the boys don't read any hate mail because theY DIDN'T GET ANY THIS WEEK, YOU SLACKERS! EVEN IF THAT ONE GUY WOULD SAY WE SHOULDN'T YELL AT OUR AUDIENCE HERE WE ARE!

Sorry, I kind of lost it there for a minute. You know we love you, right? Come here. Come here, shhh it's okay, we're sorry.

Please (PLEASE FFS) send us your best hate mail to so we can actually have decent content. 

XoXo #Dadboddies


Episode 26: 12 Angry Gay Men

In this week's episode Chad almost dies, Cameron drinks a couple Beermosas, the boys play another arousing round of Porno or Band Name, and a ghost of Podcast's Past returns for another segment of Date With a DadBod.

To submit your own hate mail to be read on the show you can email the boys at 


Episode 25: Jimmy the Friendly Beach Ghost

Thank you for choosing to waste 70 minutes of your fleeting lifespan with us here on The DadBodCast! In today's episode Chad spins a tale of a drunken week, getting down and dirty on the dancefloor, and almost peeing on someone. Then the boys read hate mail and have a good laugh about how horrible they are at podcasting, as mentioned by Twitter all-star, @houseofwachs.

If you'd like to really stick it to us you can do so by emailing and be a part of the next episode!

Thank you for your love and hate, #babypeoples


Episode 24: One Pump Chump

In this episode of the HILARIOUS and WHACKY and HOMOEROTIC DadBodCast, Cam is still sick in a bad way, Chad is still sick in a kewl way, and a very special guest stops by for the first installment of a new advice segment called "Just the Tip With Terrence"!

Send us your hate mail, questions for Terrence, photographic evidence of the existence of aliens/smegma to


Episode 23: Hot Boy Sweat


This episode is (HOPEFULLY) the end of the PTG Saga. Chad explains it all, Cameron has another fever, and the baby boys discuss roller skating as children and adults in this exciting new episode of the DadBodCast.

Send your hate mail to and be a part of the next show!


Episode 22: PTG and the Goblet of Fireball

In this episode of The DadBodCast Chad spins another tale about the infamous Polyamorous Tinder Girl, Cameron takes cold medicine, and the boys play a new game called "Porno or Band Name"!

Did you enjoy hearing the hate mail at the end of this episode? You can send us your own hate mail to! Roast us like little pig boys, would ya?


Episode 21: Horror/Porn/Comedy

Hate mail, Hairy Wizard, and a story about an ass are what you'll hear in this week's episode of The DadBodCast.

The guy who writes our descrippies is currently on vacation. Like a permanent vacation. He wasn't fired, though. He's dead.

And don't forget to send us your hate mail to because sometimes it saves the episode. Much like this week.

Later, #BabyPeoples


Episode 20: Lingering in Pu$$y Purgatory

Oh boy..

In this episode Cam eats some applesauce, Chad spins another tale about Polyamorous Tinder Girl, and the boys read some fan-submitted hate mail.

Thanks for getting us to twenty whole episodes, #babyboys and #babygirls. That's twenty episodes to generate tons of hatred! Send us more of your hate mail to

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Episode 19: Two In The Busch, One In The Tush

In this episode Chad talks about his experience with Dungeons and Dragons, Cameron is the guy to go to when you need TUMS, and the #BabyBoys discuss their favorite idioms.

Email us your favorite idioms, hate mail, and pictures of your cool ants to --->

You can also send all of your questions and problems to Terrence for our new segment "Just The Tip with Terrence" using the same email or by following us on Twitter @The_DadBodCast

Also, support your local musicians.











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Episode 18: Bork To The Future

Take your date out for some CREME BRULE and then go see the Indianapolis Symphony BORKestra if ya know what I mean ;)

What's another name for a Killer Whale? BORKa


Send us your best Bork puns to


Love u


Episode 17: Polyamorous Tinder Girl

Wow three weeks in a row of consistent content???

Welcome to the DadBodCast. In this episode Chad and Cameron discuss their dating lives and then there is some spooky stuff in there somewhere. No hate mail, though. Honestly, the boys are a bit upset at the lack of hate mail. They both know you can't possibly enjoy this podcast so where is the HATE MAIL?!?!

Send hate mail to Come on, let them have it.

Also, the YouTube channel mentioned in this video can be found right here:

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Episode 16: Lil Gay Lil Poor Boy

BOOM! Two weeks of consistent uploads in a row? New Year, New Us baby boys and girls.

In this week's episode of the WILDLY popular DadBodCast Chad and Cameron discuss dating, read some incredibly hard-hitting hate mail, and think way too hard about being NPC's in the lives of those around them. (It always has to get dark/weird at some point)

To those of you new here, welcome! You are now a hashtag baby boy or girl. Get in on the conversation by sending us your hate mail or anything at all to


-Feeling a bit insecure, unsafe, and frankly flustered she placed her unsipped hot chocolate on the coffee table in front of her. From behind her in the kitchen she heard a loud pop followed by the smooth sound of champagne filling a thin stemmed glass. She stood and turned to him as he walked into the living room with that smile that got her here in the first place. How could she have been so careless on Christmas Eve of all nights? Her heart beat faster and faster as he handed her the fizzy drink. She carefully placed it beside her previously gifted mug and with a smile, turned to her host and boldy, but sweetly said, "I really can't stay".

Without missing a beat the man replied in a condescending, almost sing-songy tone, "but, baby, it's cold outside".


Episode 15: My Little White Girl Heart Can’t Take It

Happy New Year ya turkeys! Chad and Cam are back and just as decent as ever! The boys talk about dating in 2016/2017 and how messed up it is.

Thanks for tuning in and if you want to be a part of all the hot, sweaty, dadbod action email us at

Love  u

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Episode 14: The Millenium Falcum

We talked about death a lot in this one.


Send us your hate mail, your favorite waste of money, your celebrity death predictions, and baby photos to and be a part of the show!


Episode 13 Part II: Memeions

THIS IS Part II of Episode 13 of The DadBodCast. Chad and Cameron continue to strecth out a dumb ASMR bit, talk about The Smiths, and respond to listener submitted emails.

If you haven't listened to Part I of Episode 13 yet, you probably should.

Love you, #babyboys.



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