The DadBodCast

Episode 42: DTR - Down to Ruck feat. Jordan Kenyon

July 10, 2017

In this special episode of The DadBodCast our buddy Jordan Kenyon stops by to talk about dates, trying to fit into golf carts, men's bathroom etiquette, and stray cuts strutting their stuff.

This is also the episode that almost made Chad quit the P'cast altogether and Cameron would like to take a quick second to apologize once again for his behavior to his gloriously patient co-host and BFF, ya boi Chad Hoy. (Love you buddy, sry)

Chad and special guest Jordan face off in another round of Band or Porno and the boys read YOUR hate mail submitted to the email: Send in your hate mail and be a part of the next episode!

As always, we really freakin' love you all.