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Episode 56: Cam Spills Some Tea

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This week on The DadBodCast: Chad gets bleeped again, Cam goes on three dates, and the boys throw out dog puns for a solid SIX MINUTES. Join the boys as they take you through returning segments including Date With a Dadbod, Band or Porno, Best of Craigslist, and Hate Mail.

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Episode 55: Avocado Fruit?

This week's episode of The DadBodCast is brought to you by Warby Parker! Get your FREE five day, five fram try-on trial today at 

On this week's episode of The DadBodCast, Chad takes himself to a concert and sings his heart out with strangers, Cam resprains his ankle, and the boys talk about how wrong it is to masturbate in front of someone. Returning segments include Band or Porno and Best of Craigslist.

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Episode 54: A Platonic Request for Help


Wow this episode had a lot of unused audio.

On this week's installment of The DadBodCast, Chad goes on a first, Cameron makes veggie soup, and the boys give advice to a friend of the Podcast who went on a TERRIBLE first date! Segments featured in this episode include Band or Porno, Date With a Dad Bod, Best of Craigslist, and Hate Mail.

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Leel Gassy Boy II

Oops, I went and did the same thing I did previously a second time - Britney Spears


The DEADbodcast Presents: Episode 53: Wet Cat Meat

It's Halloween time and on this EXTRA SPOooOOoOOoOOKY Edition of the The DadBodCast, Chad gets blitzed at a wedding in Indiana, Cameron questions his sexuality, and the boys have a lover's quarrel on the air. Stick around for a short Date With a Dad Bod, a Spoppy Round of Band or Porno, Best of Craigslist, and the return of an old segment that was thought to be long dead.

The episode is long, we know, but it's a slice of life podcast with your baby boy buddies and we hope you enjoy it. No hate mail this week, by the way. What's that about? Hm? I'll wait...


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Episode 52: Drunken Ugly Basement Brothers S1E1

On this week's episode of The DadBOdCast Chad smokes a whole pack, Cam tries vaping ironically, and the boys flirt a whole bunch just like they always do every week. Another round of Band or Porno is played and the boys read your hate mail submitted to the email Send them your hate mail today to be a part of the next episode!

"We are the Butt Rock of Podcasts"


Episode 51: Tuesday Girls

This week on The DadBodCast Chad is vibin' with one girl but not not vibin' with another, Cameron is a leel sloppy boy, and both the boys deal with allergies! Come for Date With a Dad Bod and stay for Band or Porno as the boys try their best to keep up with the demands accidentally established in prior weeks! 

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S2E1: Dive In (Episode 50 Part 2)



S2E1: Dive In (Episode 50 Part 1)

We almost named this episode "Fucking Mashed Potatoes".


Chad got a new apartment, Cameron finally spills his guts, and the boys sound like total Frat Bros halfway through this episode. Season Two of The DadBodCast is here and it is EXACTLY like season one. Enjoy all of your favorite bits, almost simultaneously, including Band or Porno, Date With a DadBod, and the Hate Mail segment!

Thank you all for being patient for that month long hiatus. We understand there may be some hateful things you want to say to us for being gone so long, or if you just want to catch up and let us know how you are, or if you need advice for burying that body, hit us up at!

MAJOR KEY - Don't forget to listen to part two of this episode. We had to upload it in two parts because it was too big ;)



This pile of bile turns one year old TODAY with this episode! Thanks to all of you for listening week in and week out and for senidng us the scathing hate mail and reviews. We love what we do here for this little community of weird baby bois and bb gurlz.

On this week's episode, Chad gets his grill on, Cam gets Bean Boozled TM, and the boys talk about the origin of alternative names for "sex". Popular returning segments include Date With a DadBod, Band or Prono, and Hate Mail!

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Happy One Year, DadBodies ;)


Episode 48: Juice Land


Chad sprains his ankle and watches every episode of Game of Thrones, Cameron gets a free bidet, and the boys discuss dating downfalls in this ridiculous episode of The DadBodCast! Your favorite segments are back and better than ever as your favorite bb bois from Austin, TX and Nashville, TN Skype like long distance lovers and discuss the stuff that really matters.

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Thanks again to the lovely people at Bio Bidet! Be sure to follow them on Twitter @BioBidet and visit their website to find out how YOU can take the next step to a cleaner butt.

As always we here at The DadBodCast would like to thank you for listening to this hot garbage.




Oh yeah, there were some GoT spoilers in here, sorry.


Episode 47: Furburgers

The Boyz are back in the saddle once more! This time around no alcohol was involved but the boys still have plenty of fun telling you about moving to Texas, going on dates, and discovering the true meaning of Furburgers.

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Don't tempt us.


...still love you, though, damnit. We really do.




Episode 46: The Sloppiest Episode Ever.

We almost didn't even release this episode.

After two hours of editing, we decided we needed to release this just so we didn't have to skip another week. Chad visited Cameron in Nashville on his way to Texas. Austin and Miranda, Cameron's brother and sister-in-law, joined the festivities and that made things weird for sure.

Chad met a porn star director, Cam went on a boring date, and the boys take forty minutes reading ONE piece of hate mail. You've been warned: this is seriously the worst episode ever. We are so, so sorry.

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Episode 45: We’re Back! A DadBod’s Story

WE'RE BACK (A Dinosaur's Story)!!!!

On this week's episode of The DadBodCast Chad is a groomsman in L.A., Cam gets surprised by Rihanna, and the boys didn't react to any hate mail because YOU DIDN'T SEND US ANY!! IT'S BEEN TWO WEEKS! HOW DID WE NOT HAVE ANY HATE MAIL TO COME BACK TO???? SHEESH!!!!!!


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... we still love you, though.


-The Boiz


Episode 44: Shrimpin’ Lobster Sauce

This week on The DadBodast Chad and Cam talk about donuts, Chad encounters a thirty year-old man on mushrooms, and Cam watches a grown ass woman eat shit.

WARNING - DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, GOOGLE SEARCH THE THINGS THAT YOU WERE TOLD TO GOOGLE SEARCH IN THIS EPISODE UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE SCARRED FOR maybe a week I'm sure you've seen worse. The world is terrible, bleak, and sinful in nature. Remember in sixth grade when your friend told you not to Google blue waffle so you Googled blue waffle and then you cried? No? Just me? ...oh

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Episode 43: Big, Fat, White, Sore Thumb

This week on The DadBodCast Chad spends time with families and friends before moving to Texas, Cameron holds a douchebag's beer, and the boys flirt with each other and make everyone really uncomfortable..

Chad plays another round of the internet's favorite weekly gameshow, Band or Porno, and the boys get roasted by FIVE pieces of hate mail!

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HUGS and KISSES ya dicks! (And vaginas) ;)


Episode 42: DTR - Down to Ruck feat. Jordan Kenyon

In this special episode of The DadBodCast our buddy Jordan Kenyon stops by to talk about dates, trying to fit into golf carts, men's bathroom etiquette, and stray cuts strutting their stuff.

This is also the episode that almost made Chad quit the P'cast altogether and Cameron would like to take a quick second to apologize once again for his behavior to his gloriously patient co-host and BFF, ya boi Chad Hoy. (Love you buddy, sry)

Chad and special guest Jordan face off in another round of Band or Porno and the boys read YOUR hate mail submitted to the email: Send in your hate mail and be a part of the next episode!

As always, we really freakin' love you all.


Episode 41: Frosty the Boneman


Cam and Chad both go on dates, Chad yells at Cameron, and Cameron tries to open a beer bottle with his teeth and it doesn't go well!

Another game of Band or Porno is played and there is more hate mail for the boys to get roasted by.

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LOVE YOU to the moon and back


Bonus Episode: Movie Review - Guns (1990)


This is the special one-off bonus episode/bastard child of the boys who bring you The DadBodCast. We reviewed Guns, a film made in 1990 by a man named Andy Sidaris. There were a lot of boobs, bad audio choices, oil, porn music, and of course GUNS. The boys try to unpack what they watched and do a poor job.


 Be sure to visit the rest of the podcasts in the Podratic Equation Network who do WAAAAAAAY better movie reviews every week! As always, thanks for listening. We love you ;)


Leel Gassy Boy

Hey Dadboddies and Momboddies and Everybodies! Do you love The DadBodCast? No? That's okay! In this clip, we eliminate all of the bad parts of our dumb show, which leaves us with just about 60 seconds of belching and giggles. Enjoy this disgusting piece of art that I want to be remembered by when I die. - Cam <3


Episode 40: Throwing Temper Tantrums in the Grocery Store

This week on The DadBodCast Chad talks to an undercover cop, Cam eats a lot of brunch, and the boys talk about dates, video games, as well as the elephant in the room: alcoholism.

Stick around for another round of Band or Porno, listen to the boys being best friends, and hear some fan submitted hate mail where Chad gets CALLED OUT! It's all on the 40th episode of everybody's favorite podcast ;)

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And remember to tune in for a special bonus episode on Wednesday, June 28th, as part of The Podratic Equation's Andy Sidaris podcrawl!


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Episode 39: The Little Spermaid

On this week's episode of The DadBodCast Chad gets into some hot beef, Cam creates the stupidest new segment since "Just the Tip with Terrence", and both of the boys try to step up their dating games.

Come for the Band or Porno segment and stay for some incredibly scathing hate mail in this extra long episode! Send in YOUR hate mail to

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Episode 38: A Bad Case of the Collywobbles

In this week's episode of The DadBodCast Chad gets drunk during Pride Weekend, Cam gets the flu, and the boys hit on each other the whole time and it gets a little weird in spots. It's a good time!

Join the boys for another round of Band or Porno and stay for the reading of FIVE PIECES OF HATE MAIL!!!!! (It's brutal!)

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Stay Daddy AF ;*


Episode 37: Airtight Granny

In this week's episode of The DadBodCast things go back to "normal" as the boys take to Urban Dictionary to learn new words, Chad breaks his toe, and Cam gets possessed. The boys play another round of everybody's favorite game, Band or Porno, and read THREE submitted letters of Hate Mail!

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*rawr* xD


Episode 36: Tribbing With the Boys feat. Chynna Fry

We jumped the shark.

This week's episode was a train wreck for the most part. BUT our good friend Chynna Fry stops in about fifteen minutes in and talks to us about her starring role in a web series called Chynna, California and to play Band or Porno with Chad! Once we hang up the Skype call, more chaos ensues as Chad and Cam sweat together in the same room, Chad plays with his new fidget spinner, and Cam struggles with confidence.


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Episode 35: Exploding Boy

Beastiality, poop, and Chance The Rapper

That's what you can expect to hear about in this HILARIOUS episode of The DadBodCast! Cam returns from vacation to bring you this late episode and wanted to say sorry to all of you faithful listeners. Episode 36 will be uploaded at the regular time: Monday, May 29th.

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Episode 34: Moon Splooge

The boys are drunk this week. Both of the boys. Two Drunk Boys, CBS Thursdays. Cam talks about how he got peed on and how he met Paramore. Chad talks about icy b-holes and tries his best at Band or Porno. The boys read ONE HaTe mAIl THAT'S IT! ONLY ONE???


Send us YOUR hate mail to Please. It's what makes this show decent.


Oh, also, take a shot everytime we say "cum" in this one.




Episode 33: Sad Boy Bad Boy Pee

The DadBodCast is back again with a HILARIOUS EPISODE aaaaallll about: open mouth kissing your dad, yelling at your roommates, Toy Story 2 quotes, and much much more.

The boys play another round of Porno or Band name and read your hate mail submitted to

So sit back, relax, and enjoy episode 33 of The DadBodCast.






Episode 32: Drinking Beers With Jesus

This week on The DadBodCast Chad almost gets kicked out of a bar, Cameron spills an expensive beer, and the boys get roasted like little pigs during the weekly hate mail segment. Also, enjoy another round of Porno or Band Name, a segment that continues to kick Chad's ass.

Send us your unsober thoughts, senior quote rough drafts, graduation cap size, and hate mail to and be a part of next week's show!

As always, thank you for listening #babyboys and #babygirls


Episode 31: Chocolate Starfish

On this week's episode of The DadBodCast Chad talks about his EP and his savage confrontation with PTG, Cam ate way too much food and listened to the High School Musical Soundtrack, the boys play Porno or Band Name and read some very personal hate mail from the OG hate mailers.

Thank you so much for tuning in to our show! If you'd like to have more fun with The DadBodCast throughout the week you can find us over on Twitter: @The_DadBodcast

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